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Piney Ridge Kennels


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Maya's owner

Maya has been such an amazing addition to my life. I remember when I picked her up you said she didn’t really know what to think of people quite yet. Rest assured, she loves people now! She’s always very excited to meet new people and I get comments all the time about how unusually friendly and social she is for a Shiba given they have a reputation of keeping to themselves or staying close to their human. Other than that she gets comments about how pretty she is and the fox comments all the time.


In addition to humans, she also loves playing with other dogs. She wants to play with all dogs but I have found that the smaller dogs do not like her energy while bigger dogs love it. Our favorite spots to hang out are at Bark and Brew in Suamico and the dog park that is less than a mile away from my apartment. She loves to play ball, collect pinecones, and pick up sticks. If I am ever missing a sock she will find it. I do not know why but she loves playing with socks.


Thanks again for such a wonderful pup!

Yoshi's owner

"Clean and professional! Puppies were healthy and well cared for. The owners were easy to work with and accommodated our schedule for pick up. Our Yoshi was so easy to potty train .... very little effort was required on our end. We love her! She is so cute, (everybody comments on how pretty she is) spunky and smart! She is a great watch dog and very loyal."

Elvis's owner

"Professional, prompt, and very accommodating. If I ever decide to get another Shiba, I'll be getting it from Piney Ridge."

Latte's owner

"Super socialized, beautiful and healthy Shiba Inu puppies!.. You can see by the way that the puppies behave and act that they are raised with a lot of love and personal attention!"

Aiden's owner

"Aiden is a very friendly and nice boy. I‘m so lucky to have him. I originally wanted to call him Taki but the name Aiden is really good. lol"

Greta's owner

"Great experience, no issues picking up our puppy, no issues after with our dog. Professional, clean, they care about their dogs."

Yoshi's owner

"Clean and professional! Puppies were healthy and well cared for. The owners were easy to work with and accommodated our schedule for pick up. Our Yoshi was so easy to potty train .... very little effort was required on our end. We love her! She is so cute, (everybody comments on how pretty she is) spunky and smart! She is a great watch dog and very loyal."

Potter's owner

"What a fun 10 months we’ve had with this boy and are excited to welcome puppy #2 from you guys this spring!! you really have some high quality pups not to mention he’s the sweetest boy ever !! "


"officially had our sweet boy 1 week now! He is so great...Thanks Sarah for a great experience on getting our first pup 🐶☺️"

Bella's owner

"I got my Bella here 3 years ago. She is so beautiful and is the smartest of my 3 Shibas. She also listens which is unusual for the breed. I highly recommend this breeder."

Tucker's owner

"Got a puppy here 2 months ago. He is such a great dog, had an excellent experience meeting the breeder and picking him up. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for a Shiba Inu pup to add to their family."



"Great kennel. Our puppy is 4 months old now and is the happiest little bundle of joy."

Sushie's owner

"Excellent service and amazing dogs! Could not recommend more highly."

Oscar's owner

"Great experience with kennel. Koda ( Oscar was his kennel name) is a year and a half and such a wonderful boy!!!!! I get compliments on him all the time!"

Zillow's owner

"Good kennel. Great dogs. Mine is just about 6 months and is healthy happy and full of energy."

Dai's owner

"We got our puppy from Piney Ridge. She is a doll!"

Molly's owner

"She’s currently 1 1/2 years old, but still looks like a puppy. She’s very shy in public but she’s a ball of endless playtime at home. She and her Brother George are the best of friends. We love her and glad to have adopted her into our family. 

P.S. Your kennel breeds the best looking and most friendliest shibas ❤️"

Wolfy's owner

"I just wanted to let you know that Miss Wolfy is doing great. She got her rabies shot today and weighs 10 lbs. and 7 oz already. She goes on at least 1 walk a day and runs in the yard with the kids  and the neighbor kids. She makes us laugh with her silliness all the time, she likes to watch TV too, which is super fun. Her big girl teeth are coming in as well. We just lover her to piece thank you for providing us with such a great girl."

Tundra's owner

"He is an awesome dog!!! We just love him. He was recently fixed and is right at 20 pounds. The neighborhood kids refer to him as the neighborhood celebrity. Everyone just loves him and he lets everyone pet and love him."

Lucy's owner

"She's really been a GREAT dog.  So smart.  We CONSTANTLY get people at the dog park commenting on her.  One woman yesterday wouldn't believe me that she was a Shiba because her temperament around both people and other dogs was so good.  I have to say that not many people in the Milwaukee know or have ever seen a Shiba and those that have have negative thoughts about them.  Lucy has pretty much made everyone she's ever been in contact with fall in love with her.  Now I just have to convince my wife to get another one of your pups!!"

Maya's owner

"She is such is sweetheart.  Every night around 9 PM she comes and closes my laptop so she can lay on my lap for some loving!!  She has the best personality of any dog I have ever had she howls to tell me she wants me to play with her, she will come up to me on the couch and bark at me to pay attention to her and she will throw her ball in the air and catch it (she is so talented) she just amazes us constantly."

Riley's owner

"We love him so much he is a wonderful dog.  Today he learned how to sit.  We are having so much fun.  He hasnt went potty in the house and goes right to the door when he needs too.  Thank you so much we are so lucky to have him in our lives.  We'll make sure to keep in touch! Thank you so much!"

A note from Shinyuu

"I have been a really good puppy.  I go to the dog park and get along really well with my dog buddies.  It was a breeze with the potty training, but I have a hard time with the chewing.  My parents arms, carpeting and furniture are a bit worst for wear. But thanks to your good early training,  I am good in my crate when the folks can't take me with them on their errands.  It's been so hot here I'm better off in the air conditioned house.  I usually bark only when there is a really good reason, but last night was a full moon and I didn't quite understand hooting owls so I thought they were very bark worthy. Me and the "folks" have been having a lot fun!"

Simon's owner

"I just wanted to send you an email updating you on Simon. We both love him so much and he's beyond spoiled. He's a great dog and knows a bunch of tricks. Although sometimes his shiba stubbornness comes out and he doesn't like to listen, but that's the breed! He comes around quickly enough :)"

Simba's owner

"Just checking in to let you know that our Simba is doing great! He's grown so much and has learned so much since we brought him home. I still can't believe how smart he is! He definitely outsmarts us."

Hailey's owner

"She's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever owned. She absolutely loves people and the attention they give. Whenever I stop petting her she scratches at my hand for more. She gives high fives and the most loving kisses,I couldn't have asked for a better dog."

Koji's owner

"I just wanted to email and let you know what a wonderful addition to our family Koji has been. He definitely has a spunky personality and mind of his own, but is one of the most loving and loyal dogs I have ever had the privilege to own."

Indy's owner

"Fresh from the groomers today for her 1st birthday tomorrow. She’s grown into a lovable puppy. She loves anyone that she sees, loves attention and loves making new doggie friends. Her personality is amazing ❤️ and she still loves to cuddle with me all the time."

Usha's owner

"She has grown from a sweet puppy into an outgoing, beautiful dog. She's my little adventure companion and falls in love with every person she meets. My husband and I get so many remarks on what a sweet and beautiful a Shiba Inu she is. Thank you so much for your dedicated breeding of amazing dogs. 
Many thanks"

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