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Piney Ridge Kennels

Purebred Shiba Inu

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Our Story

How it all began


The Hansen family consists of Jon and Sarah, 3 sons and 1 daughter. In 1999 we rescued our first Shiba Inu, a 5 year old black and tan female. The next year, we got a red male puppy. Falling in love with the breed, we chose to start breeding in 2001.

Shiba dogs and puppies have been a large part of our fun family memories. Now that the kids are grown are moving out of the house, they appreciate what they had even more.

Shiba Love

20 years and counting



the process of internalizing norms and ideologies

We understand that the care of your new puppy during those first 8 weeks is crucial to the success of transitioning into their new family. Time is spent with each puppy to ensure superior socialization. We take great pride in the quality of care every puppy receives.


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