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Hansen Shibas

my relationship with Shibas of Piney Ridge

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My Story

Carly Jo Hansen


I am an addition to the Hansen Family! I married Shibas of Piney Ridge owner's son, Levi, in 2019 but got the opportunity to be around the family business since 2018. I fell in love with the dogs, got a few shibas of my own and have been obsessed ever since. We have had 4 litters with our lovely female, Journey (JoJo) and it has been the most rewarding experience to produce amazing pets for families and amazing companions. 

I have a YouTube channel where I post tons of videos on my breeding structure as well as days in my life owning Shiba Inus! 

Hansen Shibas YouTube Channel

Afternoon Light



the process of internalizing norms and ideologies

We understand that the care of your new puppy during those first 8 weeks is crucial to the success of transitioning into their new family. I spend a bunch of time with each puppy to ensure superior socialization as well as go through a series of practices with the puppies to desensitize them to touch, smell, and sound. We take great pride in the quality of care every puppy receives. All puppies grow up indoors in our home and are around all of our dogs as early as one week old. 


My Contact Information

Phone: (712)-330-2320

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